Winter with Kids

It’s the freaking winter baby, bout to have us some fun

snow angels

Winter isn’t all icecastles and snow sledding, angel making and hot chocolate drinking. There are days when winter simply sucks. Sucks every ounce of energy you have. Drains you entirely.
Here are my Tired Mom tips for entertaining your young child indoors, without relying entirely on the iPad.



Coloring is fun and relaxing for kids and adults. Coloring helps children focus and develop their patience. The ability to complete a task builds self esteem and confidence in young children. It’s also a chance for children to express autonomy, selecting the colors of their choice and deciding whether to draw creatively or stay within the lines. I’m a huge fan of the Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free line of products (see above). Great for small hands and long dreary days.


Problem solving, fine motor development, hand-eye coordination, self-esteem - puzzles offer it all!

Pictured are the puzzles we’ve had in heavy rotation.


Play Mommy Says

Basically Simon Says but with a lot more freedom. Walk like a bear, hop like a frog, shake your whole body, spin around, clean your room etc. etc.

Invest in an indoor playground

Climbing Furniture Set,  Wiwiurka

Climbing Furniture Set, Wiwiurka

Make up games

E loves to make up games. He said his favorite is the “watching game”. Having recently finished YOU on Netflix with my husband, this totally freaked me out. Then I realized he meant his favorite game was watching tv. Kids, man.

Bake together

French moms bake with their children every weekend. It teaches patience, math, and self-control. Plus, makes your house smell divine. At least that’s what I remember from when I read Bringing up Bebe four years ago.

Host a pool party

Pool optional.

Pack him up and ship him to grandma’s for the weekend

Thanks, Grandma!


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Christine Hicks