Cold Brew Covfefe

Cold brew coffee is smoother and sweeter than conventionally brewed coffee and the process of leaching flavor from the beans produces a chemical profile different from conventional brewing methods.

It's really easy to brew too. 

Here's a method for using your french press to make cold brew coffee. 


1. Scoop about 5 big spoonfuls of ground coffee into french press. 



2. Fill with cool water. 

3. Stir the mixture a bit, plunge the filter up and down a few times if you're feeling wild. 

4. Leave on the counter to sit overnight. 

5. Voila, wake up to cold brew coffee. 



This method makes two to three servings, if you don't use it all at once just move the french press into the refrigerator. In my experience you can usually get two flavorful brews from the same coffee grounds.  

Maple-Iced-Coffee 6.JPG

I don't think the type of coffee matters that much, but if you're planning to drink it black a higher quality bean will produce a smoother result. If your plan is to add cream or flavoring, the quality of the coffee is trivial. I like New Mexico Pinon Coffee, you used to be able to buy it at Trader Joe's but sadly must now order online. 


Christine Hicks