Alt Black Friday

With Black Friday but one week away it's time to think about your plans. 


You probably have the day off work, don't waste it at the mall. 

1. Visit Grandma

Sure, you just saw her yesterday. But with the chaos and bustle did you really SEE her. Pack up some leftovers and go visit Grandma. Grandmas like turkey repeats too. 


2. Purge your closet

You have 10 pieces of clothing in your closet right now that you are not wearing (or worse, have never worn). It's scientific fact. There's no need to save something for someday when someone else could be wearing it today (gah, mouthful). Gather it, donate it, feel good. 


3. Be a Good Warrior

Don't let the thankfulness and #goodvibes of Thursday dissipate. Three Good Things is a super simple way to promote happiness. The research says you have to write down the three things for max effect but Christine says, just do it. Now that you've been enlightened, your job is to stop others from dwelling in the negative, at least for today. 


Barista: Next (eye roll)

You: Hi, may I please have...

Barista: Speak up, ma'am!

You: It seems like you're having a lousy day...

Barista: I am. I've been here since 5 AM. It's so busy, I haven't even had a break.

You: I want you to think of three things you're thankful/grateful/happy for right now!

Barista: Okay, crazy lady ("forgets" to make your drink)

Use with caution, probably best applied on yourself and close friends/family.


4. Pick up trash

Pretty self-explanatory. Get outside in the glorious sunshine and pick up some trash. 

(watch here for inspo)


5. Visit an animal shelter

Most shelters will have specific training requirements for walking the dogs but you can still go love on some animals. If an animal is adoptable, you will likely be able to play with it in a larger penned area or outdoor run. Just find one of the staff members to help you get started. Go pet the pups, feel all the feels. 


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