Gift Giving: Handmade Holiday Gifts That Don't Suck.

Maybe you're on a budget. Maybe you want to give something really personal. Maybe...that's it. Can literally only think of two reasons you would be giving handmade gifts. But I did come up with four ideas for gifts that don't suck. 

1. Cross-stitch

Unlike its sophisticated cousin Embroidery, cross-stitch is easy to learn and easy to master. And thanks to this little known site called pinterest, you can find inspiration for a gift even your snarkiest, most jaded friend will find funny. 

patterns available at

patterns available at


2. Wreath

A wreath is like the quintessential holiday gift. They're also surprisingly expensive. If you have a friend that's worth it, a handmade wreath is the way to go. 



DIY Citrus Wreath, camille styles

Metallic Wreath, martha stewart

Nordic Inspired Holiday Wreath, sweet paul


3. Interchangeable Message Board





You've seen them on every try-hard's instagram. You can buy one here for 60 bucks if your friend is really extra or you can follow the directions found here to DIY the one shown above. The DIY version works equally well as a perpetual calendar (which is nice for when you don't have anything clever to say). This is kinda a complex DIY so either start now or just plan to keep it for yourself. 


4. Mid Century Planters

"Mid century" and "budget friendly" are rarely seen together in the same sentence but Donald Trump is our president so literally anything is possible. I wouldn't say these DIY planters are cheap to make but a similar planter from westelm is selling for $180 so...




If you looked through this list and you're still stumped, handmade gifts aren't for you (it's cool.) Enamel pins are the answer: super personal, zero DIY. get em. 




They're fun and cheap. Enough said. 



Christine Hicks