How To Not Get Too Fat This Winter

So you over indulged from Thursday to Sunday. That's okay. No one ever talks about Winter Bodies, but you're on pace to get one. 

Here's how I, a lazy person, stay the same pant size all winter. 




1. Rebounding

I know my husband thought I was insane when I spent almost $300 on my tiny-trampoline. But I bring home the bacon, so he can suck it. For this I either free-style it while watching The Real Housewives on Bravo, or do a structured full-body workout streaming a video from LEKfit (

The LEKfit creator/boss lady, Lauren Kleban, has a banging body. I think she was the Soviet's next project after they finished with Ivan Drago. The workout is described as, "a dance inspired fitness method designed to create long and lean muscles by using intervals of low impact, high intensity, fat burning cardio with muscle sculpting techniques created to strengthen and tone."

I personally would describe it more like, "some chick on tour with Riverdance got lost, went to a rave by mistake, did coke and ecstasy. Danced like a madwoman, decided to monetize the workout". But that's just me.  

Do for: Cardio disguised as fun

Do when: You haven't seen the sun in weeks and you need to feel the care-free weightlessness of bouncing

Equipment: A rebounder, I purchased the Jumpsport 350 Fitness Trampoline. A cheaper model will work just fine but if you have joint issues or are over the age of 20 your body will thank you for making the investment. 



2. Pilates

Mat Pilates has been my go-to for as long as I can remember making a conscious effort to exercise. My favorite video is The Method Pilates:Target Specifics. I really like this Pilates sequence because it's pretty easy to see results without much effort. Combining standing and mat exercises from classical dance, yoga, and the work of Joseph Pilates, the workout is broken into four 15 minute sections that target different areas of your body.

All of the movements engage and strengthen your core. Just a reminder, a strong core makes it look like you have awesome posture and is essential for doing other winter activities like skiing or walking on icy grounds.  

Do for: Long lean muscles 

Do when: You're feeling down. The exercises are not strenuous, a lot of them are done while actually lying on the ground. Perfect for a lazy Sunday.

Equipment: A yoga mat (or carpet), hand weights (water bottles work too)

When I started doing this workout it was on a VHS tape. Luckily, amazon sells the DVD version now. #blessup



3. Kettlebell/Medicine Ball

I pretty much just look for an open-space with a high ceiling and swing these things around without much thought or planning. I might hold it and do some squats if I'm feeling really wild. The nice thing about a weight this style is you can engage a lot of muscle groups at the same time making it a very efficient workout. If you need a little more direction go onto pinterest or youtube and type in "kettlebell" for guidance. 

Do for: Strength, cardio

Do when: You have Hulk-style rage that must be released

Equipment: Something heavy-ish, 8-10 pounds is plenty



4. Stay hydrated and stay engaged

Everyone knows by now that people confuse thirst and hunger and will snack when bored. To stay hydrated though you actually have to drink water. Fill up a few water bottles and leave them where you spend the most time in the house: bedroom, desk, couch.

See the water, drink the water. Accumulate steps taking trips to the bathroom. 

Reading a book, a real book, not only makes you look smart af but is a really good way to combat mindless snacking or accidentally liking a photo from 72 weeks ago while in a state of deep-lurk. The book I'm reading now is about 1110 pages and I'm a slow reader so it should keep me busy all winter. 

Do for: Knowledge, the elixir of life

Do when: You literally can't do anything else 

Equipment:  I don't care if my water is icy cold but I do like the Hydro Flask bottles because the water doesn't end up with some icky metallic taste and the bottles do not sweat. Libraries are awesome but if you lose things or are otherwise generally accident-prone you should just buy your books at a used bookstore or on Amazon. 


Best wishes. 

See you on the other side, hopefully in the same size.


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