The 2017 Resolution that actually stuck


The world year is ending. Time to reflect on 2017.

In 2017 I resolved to wake up with joy. Which unfortunately means waking up with my alarm. 

Like literally every other human that has ever existed on this planet, I love to sleep.

I love the joy of hitting snooze. 

But be honest, when have you ever gotten restful sleep after pushing snooze?

Not once ever.

Set the alarm when you need to get up, get up. Make the conscious decision to wake up with joy.

Push the snooze=stumble out of the house all rushed and crabby. 


Wake up with the alarm= I woke up like dis

It's 5-15 minutes that can/will make your day significantly different. 

You don't really have control over when you have to get up. You can control the attitude you chose to adopt for the day. 

Before I get out of bed I flex and wiggle my toes and silently say, "my toes are awake". Then I roll my ankles and say, "my ankles are awake". I progressively work my way up my body until I reach my lungs. I take a few deep breaths and then roll my head back and forth before blinking my eyes open, internally declaring, I’M AWAKE. I get out of bed and I run to my bathroom, turn the shower on hot and do 30 jumping jacks while the water is heating up. 

This is how I start my day. It works for me. 

Try it, or figure out what works for you. 



or something like that


Christine Hicks