How to live a lush life

14 Steps towards The Lush Life


You can’t have it all (probably). 

But you can have everything you want. It doesn't take much to live a luxurious life.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Set the thermostat where YOU want it. 


A few degrees in one direction or another is not going to make a significant difference in your energy bill: but it will make your home significantly more comfortable for you. Maybe you read that Warren Buffet keeps his thermostat at 50 degrees all winter (I made this up). But I guarantee you, this is not what is keeping you from becoming a millionaire. The same is true for avocado toast and lattes. Don’t be a martyr in your own home. Just don't. (But for the love of god, turn off the lights when you leave a room.) 


2. Own a dishwasher.



Doing dishes by hand sucks. Plain and simple. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. 

My husband is a great cook and we like to entertain at our house. Inevitably this dirties every pot, dish, and spoon we own. Having a little robot to do the cleanup afterwards is a magical luxury. 


3. Take a fancy bath.


Amp up the pampering with bath salts or a bathbomb. If you’re more of a shower person, hang some dried lavender from the showerhead. 


4. Buy the sweater you want.


If you’ve been eyeing this black sweater and all of a sudden the green color is 50% off, absolutely do not buy it! This is something retailers do to prey on your sense of getting a good deal. Buy the black sweater. The green one will not make you happy. And definitely don’t bring home both, doofus jabroni. 



5. Burn palo santo. 




6. Get a massage.



Three options here: fancy spa, Aveda Institute, these massage rollers.


7. Don’t DIY shit.


If it has to get done, hire a professional. Save yourself a headache and several trips to the hardware store. There is a reason they do this full-time and you do not. 


8. Be a lady who lunches.



A long, relaxing midday lunch allows you to refresh yourself and rest your mind. Put your phone on do-not-disturb and leave everything distracting in your purse. Focus on the flavors of your food, people watch, daydream without distraction. It will feel weird at first. It’s like meditation, but with eating. 

9. Let someone else do the heavy lifting


Amazon delivers pretty much everything. So we let them deliver pretty much everything: dog food, ice melt, laundry detergent, paper towels. If it's heavy, bulky, or otherwise awkward, prime ship it to your front door. 


10. Eat freshly-baked bread.



Better yet, have it delivered right to your house (Brake Bread).

11. Wear nice socks. 



12. Walk. 


Walk everywhere.

It’s not a sport, it doesn’t adhere to rules. When you walk with no particular destination in mind, it gives you an awareness and appreciation of things you might have otherwise overlooked. 


13. Read, on the regular.


14. Pop bottles.



Every once and a while. Just because. At our house we have no problem finding something to celebrate. Consider it your bubbly alternative to a gratitude journal. 











Christine Hicks