gadgets to make getting ready way less horrible

Mornings can be brutal. These devices are here to help.

This coffee maker

Coffee ready when you are. The stainless steel carafe honestly keeps coffee hot for hours, like at least 12 hours. Reusable filter. The water reservoir detaches for an easy fill up at the sink (anyone else get really irritated when you have to fill up a coffee pot and then slosh water everywhere trying to transfer it back into the water tank? just me. K.) Frother if you’re into that. Brewing sizes range from full-carafe to single cup. Very very good coffee.

This hair dryer

In my fantasy life I would just step out of the shower and let my hair air dry everyday. Actually, I would just step off my surfbort and let the hot sun dry my perfect beachy locks - but in reality it’s actually a little dangerous most days to go outside with wet hair (Minnesota). And most days I have five minutes or less to get my hair to be dry-ish.

I love this hair dryer. It’s certainly a big investment but the light size and powerful motor make it a helpful tool for chronically late gals like myself. It dries hair really fast, 94 mph fast to be precise. Never have I ever dried my hair so quickly without simultaneously feeling like I burned my scalp.

This steamer

Steaming used to be my favorite task when I worked retail. It is a very relaxing activity. Plus it’s super satisfying to see those powerless wrinkles disappear under your hands. Bonus plus it’s kinda like giving yourself an at-home facial.

An iron has its place (collars and those shorts that come pre-cuffed but never stay cuffed properly after the first wash)…but for delicate fabrics or just a quicker way to de-wrinkle a steamer is the way to go.

When I was shopping for a steamer I was leaning towards the industrial style that I used in my store’s backroom; but I can happily proclaim this steamer produces the same results and I haven’t given myself a third degree burn even once!

Ps a hair straightener can stand in for an iron any day.

Christine Hicks