Clean Spring Cleaning (Part Three)

I hate cleaning. 

Really and truly. I loathe it. 

But I also find myself overwhelmed, frantic and edgy in an environment that's not calm, clean, airy, serene and restorative. Self-care is not all bubble baths and chocolate cake. For a highly sensitive person self-care might (and does) look like creating a home that is a retreat from the noise of the outside world. 

This means not accumulating clutter or dust bunnies. 

We have used a housekeeper to help with the day-to-day cleaning but a few times a year it is necessary to do a thorough top to bottom full-house cleanse. It's also necessary to spread this undertaking out over 4 days - two weeks.

Day One:

Dust: Ceiling fans, light fixtures, window frames, molding, banisters, air vents, radiators. Use lemon cedar dust spray to remove dust and polish wood surfaces. 

Vacuum: Carpets and rugs. For hardwood this microfiber dry mop pad works better than the vacuum in my experience.

Mop: the hardwood parts of the floor, also duh. Vinegar + hot water makes a great floor cleaner. 

Day Two:

Remove everything from your kitchen cupboards, pantry, and refrigerator. Toss expired food and broken items. My family has this habit of keeping boxes of cereal that are mostly dust and the deep clean is usually when these are discovered. Donate duplicates. Wonder how did we get three blenders?  I think the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser was designed to clean up the condiment war that has been going on in the refrigerator for the last 6 months. Spray surfaces with all-purpose cleaner and wipe. Marvel at your clean kitchen. Take pictures, they will last longer. 

Day Three: 

Organize and clean your bathroom cabinets and makeup drawer. Throw out the accumulated samples, travel size whatever, partially used shampoo that you don't even like...  Use polishing bath and shower scrub to brighten shower, tile, and grout. Now that the sink is clean, fill it with hot water and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Drop in your makeup brushes and let soak for 20 minutes. Rinse with clean water and lay flat on towel to dry. Treat yourself with a bath if that's your jam. 

Day Four: 

Refresh your soft surroundings with linen spray. Launder or dry-clean linens that are not washed regularly. Go through your closet using the KonMari Method to pare down your wardrobe to the essentials that you love and bring you joy. Donate/sell/recycle what remains. 

Day Five:

Light palo santo. Fill the house with flowers. Drink tea. Rearrange your furniture and art. Create a clean slate so you can move forward as who you are, not who you were.




Christine Hicks