How to Crush It: Dry Winter Skin

We live in Minnesota. We moved here from Arizona.

I know dry. I know extreme weather.

I have sensitive skin and often have painful eczema on my hands.

This is the routine that works for me:

1. Cleanse 


I start my day washing my face in the shower using Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier. I was skeptical that since it smells so nice it would also make my face breakout with pimples but that has not been the case. It's made from a blend of five skin conditioners and the same cleansing agents found in contact lens solution.

tl;dr it's really gentle. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 10.25.24 AM.png


I use these silicone scrubbers in the shower when applying my face and body wash. One for face, one for body. They're also really gentle and (obviously?) reusable so less laundry, win.


After showering I use Thayers Facial Toner, Original Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Formula. It feels nourishing, not drying. Of note I've also used the Rose Petal variety of this toner and it left my face with hot blotchy red marks. You can buy this pretty much anywhere, Target, Whole Foods, Amazon...Just make sure you get the ORIGINAL formula if you have sensitive skin. 


2. Nourish



To protect my face from city life I put on a thin layer of topical clindamycin after cleansing. To get some, ask your dermatologist. 

Now the most important product: Intelligent Nutrients Renewing Oil Serum. I always thought putting oil on my face would mean pimples, but I was wrong. This stuff is legit amazing. The price felt really outrageous at first but it's actually a life changing product. This is how it's described on the company website:

"It instinctively delivers what any skin needs. Dry skin drinks it in. Oily skin finds clean balance. Dull skin lights up. Redness fades.

Deep moisture in winter yet light in summer, it perfectly aligns with the body’s sebum. If you buy nothing else, buy this. Feel skin awaken, cell by cell."

If you can afford it, happily give all of your money to Intelligent Nutrients. The products and the company are great. If like me, you can't afford it (my parents forgot to water the money tree) just splurge on this product. 

I massage a few drops into my face and then let the product "rest". I'll put on body lotion, dry my hair, brush my teeth and get dressed (5-15 minutes of activity) before resuming my facial routine. 

 3. Shield


 If it's day time I use Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 30. The product tends to separate so shake well before applying. 

4. Moisturize



For leaving the house at night, in winter, or just when my skin feels especially parched I slather on Priming Moisturizer Rich by Glossier. You can read about it on their website or just believe me and buy it. The product is dense but not greasy. 

5. Even


For makeup I only use three things, Stretch Concealer, Perfecting Skin Tint and this powder. The concealer has "elastic micro waxes" and nourishing oils so it doesn't feel flaky or cakey. The skin tint is even lighter than tinted moisturizer; it just acts to even out color and make your skin feel smooth and radiant. Neither of these products will hide your freckles or obliterate any evidence that you are a real human being. The powder by Antonym Cosmetics is technically baked foundation but idk the difference. I use oval brushes similar to these, a small one to put concealer over the redness on my nose and cheeks and a big one to apply skin tint and then powder over my entire face. The kit came with what felt like 40 brushes (actually 10) and I use two of them. Buy a cheap kit. 


 The winter gives my lips a nice fever red color, I enhance it with Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm in Cherry Me. 

in My Dry Emergency Kit:



Vermont's Original Bag Balm

Very greasy, very effective. Apply at night, don't touch anything ever again. 



Honey sheet mask

Apply, relax, feel fancy. 



Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream

Works well, tastes horrible. Put on eye-lids, lips, hands. Works head-to-toe, just don't get it on your teeth. 



Little Barn Apothecary Coconut + Mint Cooling Mineral Body Mist 

Tropical vacation in a bottle. Which is exactly what you need to survive the long winter. Apply everywhere. On everyone. 



That's it! Good luck. 



FASHIONChristine Hicks