What to Wear:NYE

With only one month left of 2017 (le sigh), it's time to make your plans for New Year's Eve.

From previous hangovers you probably already know what you're going to drink. Here's a guide to the outfit that will match:

1. Absinthe


You're on a level no one else can reach. Literally, no one can reach you. You're asking obscure questions like, "who is more disco, me or the ball?" and making friends with everyone. No outfit says IDGAF quite like one covered in glitter. Your friend's couch will be ruined as will the Uber driver's back seat but you don't care. Tonight you will leave trails everywhere you go (but unfortunately won't be able to use the spilled glitter to find your way home again). You do you. 

photo (8).jpeg



 1. glitter booties 2. sequin mini dress 3. chunky glitter sneaker

4. glitter mesh maxi 5. pink mini dress 6. block bootie 7. sequin wide-leg pant 


2. Beer

Black jeans

You like to get a good buzz on, but you're also painfully responsible. You're probably the one ordering the cabs, herding everyone into them and then making sure the lights get turned off and the door locked. You also start pushing your water agenda on all your friends and insist they "text me when you get home!". It's fine. It's cool. The world needs you. And you need to dress warmly since you won't have the luxury of drinking yourself a sweater like those in your group slamming liquor all night long. 

photo (9).jpeg


1. stretchy black jean  2. tuxedo stripe jean 3. velvet jean


3. Champagne


You're bubbly and fun and everyone likes you. You don't want drama, you're just here to dance. Compliment your natural effervescence with flowy, shimmery fabrics. 

photo (10).jpeg


1. silk skirt  2. shimmer mini 3. chainmail halter 4. fit and flare

5.metallic midi 6.velvet mini 7. metallic wrap 8. silk maxi


4. Whiskey or Gin


You're kinda fancy and sophisticated and the world should know. A nice blazer ought to do the trick. 

photo (11).jpeg


 1. boyfriend blazer 2. green blazer 3.open front jacket 4. deep cut 5. fitted pink


5. Rum

Over-the-knee boots

The only people I know that drink rum are pirates. So dress the part, matey. 

photo (12).jpeg


1. suede 2. embroidered boot 3. black velvet crinkle


6. Tequila 


You need to dress yourself in clothing that's really hard to take off to make yourself think twice about taking it off. You also need to plan ahead and enlist your best buddy to help you get in and out of this contraption of fashion in a hurry when nature calls.

photo (13).jpeg


1. floral burnout 2. open back lace jumpsuit 3. elegant silk

4. velvet halter 5. strapless cutout 6. jacquard strapless 


7. Vodka 


You're inevitably going to be dancing on an elevated surface tonight: table top, bar, DJ booth, couch in the VIP room...werk it gurl. It's vital that you wear underpants tonight. They don't have to be matronly but they must be full-coverage. 

photo (14).jpeg


 1. velvet bikini 2. black sequin 3. mesh trim 4.fuschia sequin 5. glitter knit 

And Carrie Bradshaw, of course. 


8. Wine


If you're drinking wine on NYE you are not going out. Ain't no shame in that game. But still. Put a little effort into honoring the new year by wearing your nicest, cleanest pajamas. 

photo (15).jpeg


 1. cream dot 2. sherpa robe 3. bunny robe 4. sequin slides

5. classic pajamas 6. geo print 7. velvet set 8. sherpa slipper 9. emerald silk slip


2017 was a shit year for a lot of us. Let's pray that 2018 will be better. 

FASHIONChristine Hicks