Happy Endings

Ever ordered from Everlane? It’s a retailer that claims to partner with factories around the world to offer you an ethical and transparent shopping experience.

Ever returned anything to Everlane?

Suddenly it doesn’t feel like such a transparent experience.

Your three options for making a return are 1) return to brick and mortar store (not practical unless you live in San Francisco or NYC)

2) return by mail (subject to $6 restocking fee + cost of return shipping)

3) Return to Happy Returns Return Bar

Curious about just what is a Happy Return?

I will do anything before I pay for return shipping. I was curious too.

That’s how I ended up at this floral shop:


I entered with trepidation, definitely felt like I was being punkD. But Ashton never jumped out. Instead a nice woman asked for my email and then quickly found records of my order. A few more questions and I had a full refund from Everlane plus a surprise savings card to the flower shop. No standing in line at the post office, no wondering why we never have any packaging tape, no going to the store and wondering why packaging tape is so expensive. It was great.

10/10 will use Happy Returns again.

Happy Reutnrs offers in-person returns for retailers with little or no stores. At the time of this writing they have partnered with Everlane, Thursday Boots, Tradesy, Parachute, and Rothys.

Christine Hicks