gifts I won't be mad about this mother's day

Framed photos

Yes, I know my iCloud storage is full. Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge. 

Let's get some of those masterpieces out of cyberspace and into our space. 

These little soaps

Made by a couple in Maine, these colorful soaps smell like pink champagne, fresh peaches, Japanese cherry blossoms and Italian tomatoes...they make hearing the 'uh oh, Mom I need your help!' call from the bathroom a little more palatable. 

This purse

Does it have ample space for back up diapers and granola bars?


Let me entertain the fantasy that I am packing a purse to go somewhere where those are not my priorities, please. 

These little hoops 

Dainty and sweet. Just like me. 

These matching shoes


For those days when I just can't even

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are forever the right answer. It doesn't matter what the question was. 

A nap


I can't even begin to describe how satisfying it is to be asleep when other people are awake. Plus, naps are free.

Bonus points if you bring me a glass of wine first.

Happy Mother's Day!