It’s three am on a Thursday morning. My friend comes over to talk to me at work.

Hanging from her badge I see what resembles a telephone cord, a spiral keychain with no keys. I’m still hip, I know it’s for hair. Emboldened, or delirious from the time of day, I reach out to touch it. I ask to try it on. She says yes.

Will this be the solution to all my ponytail woes? To hair binders that are too tight, too stretched out, snap during application (surely a bad omen)? To ponytails that droop and my mother has named the “frumpy librarian”? Will I finally be able to go from hair down to up and back again without the telltale dent?

She tells me this is the invisibobble. I’m already sitting at a computer so I log into amazon and order three of my own.


I’m promised a no kink, hair caring, strong hold experience, delivered by Friday at 8 pm.

Friday arrives and so does my package. I have to text my friend to confirm the hair ties should be this size. She assures me of what I should already know, they stretch!

I tie up my first pony. It lasts 18 hours (it’s the weekend, I’m allowed to be gross).

Does it deliver as promised?

No kink: Depends on the ponytail.

There’s probably a formula involving number of twists, angle of elevation, barometric pressure and whether or not Venus is in retrograde that will ensure no dent is left behind. I don’t know the formula. Not too mad about this though. If you have thicker hair than me (practically everyone) you might have different results in the no-kink department.

Hair caring: Yes. If you take your time (~2 seconds) to unwrap and remove this binder doesn’t pull out half your hair like a normal hair binder, even when wet. Wondering why you might have a wet pony? I don’t know, swim much?!

Strong hold: Yes. Set it and forget it. Like I said, this pony can take you all day into the night and back into the next day if you want it to. Strong hold, no headache.

I’m sold. to shop

Christine Hicks