Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

For your friend living in a perpetual polar vortex

Antonym Cosmetics Baked Illuminator in Endless Summer

a mélange-swirled highlighter powder with luminous pink champagne color that provides an effortless glow to skin without changing its tone or texture

8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil

a concentrated all-in-one facial oil/balm that melts into your skin and absorbs instantly, this beautifully formulated solid oil is free of synthetic fragrance and naturally scented with grapefruit, geranium and lavender

use this balm daily to nourish your skin, protect and deeply hydrate hands, tame hair, smooth neck/décolletage, or after a day in the sun (Ha!)

Ocean and Main Long silk caftan

For the person that cooks your food

Fast Food, Good Food by Andrew Weil, MD

nothing says “I want to love you forever” like adopting an anti-inflammatory diet together

For someone very very special

Tiffany & Co. Tag Chain Bracelet

a classic with engraving available

For a special little person

Wiwiurka Double Rainbow Rocker

Mandi Smethells Imaginative Fiber Art

I would buy every adorable thing from this shop if I didn’t have you know, a mortgage

For your roomie

Oliver Bonas Heart Metal Keyring

never before has it been so easy to simultaneously say “I love living with you” and “I’m tired of you locking yourself out, please get your shit together”

For Your BFF

Eidth Young Palette t-shirt

Lingua Nigra Shower of Faith - Baby Fringe Earring

For You

Suzanne Kalan Fireworks Gold Diamond Double Band Ring

For your Sweetie

Terrain / Trader Joe’s / See’s

For the person you really want to DTR with

Made Solid Medium Leather Wrapped Stone

the conversation might look like this:

Him: “wow thanks, wtf is this?”

You: “hmm, yeah interesting you should bring that up…what do you think? where do you see this going? what are WE?”

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