FOCO (fear of checking out)

I have abandoned shopping carts all over the internet.

Here’s what is in them and a detailed analysis of why I just can’t pull the trigger:

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  1. Lunette Leather Passport Clutch, Minor History

    Currently I’m using a plastic bag to port around my cards/cash/identification, a trick my grandma taught me. I really could use an upgrade but I also don’t want to throw away another plastic bag.

  2. Mara Hoffman Maven Tie-Front One-Piece Swimsuit in Colorblock, Madewell

    Well it’s December and we have no trips planned. Also I already own 10 swim suits.

  3. The Harper Mule in Leopard Calf Hair, Madewell

    I really really want these but it seems like there will never be a time to wear them in Minnesota. Either it’s going to be too wet (calf hair), too cold (open back) or too hot (would look weird with shorts, no?).

  4. Just file 4-6 under “Shit I think Ezra needs but he doesn’t but still I feel like a lousy MOM for not buying him”

  5. see above

  6. see above see above

  7. A Year of Sun Agenda, Octaveo

    I actually do still use a written agenda. No google cal for this gal. But I also always get really weird about the price of a new one. It’s just numbered paper, where do these companies get off charging so much? Will wait until February. Won’t be organized for shit in January but at least I will have saved $$$

  8. White Turquoise Beauty Wand, Credo

    I broke my jade roller within weeks of owning it (RIP). There’s no reason to think I would have any different luck with this thing but it resembles a wizard’s wand a bit and for that reason, I need it.

  9. Phoebe Chair - Multi Stripe, West Elm

    To me, you are perfect.

    However, my family will destroy you.

    Love, Christine

Christine Hicks