How to Survive Winter: A beginner's guide

To survive a long winter you truly have only three options: live a lie, get out, or lean way way in

Bury your head in the sand snow and simply pretend you're somewhere else.


I remember once before my aunt and uncle had children of their own, they hosted me and my cousins for a sleep over and announced we would be having pool party. They didn’t have a pool. The pool was the bathtub. Okay, I guess that sounds creepy but it was fun. Swim suits on, pool floats, colorful towels, tropical music. It’s one of my favorite memories. We’ve done this for E several times and it’s always a mood booster.

You too can live like “it’s summer somewhere”. Crank the radiator, mix up some margaritas and have a dance party in the kitchen, Aminé and Lizzo are great for this. Eat tacos, paint your nails a bright color, put your sunglasses on and sit by your SAD lamp. It’s going to be okay. And until then, fake it till you make it.


La Maison de L’ilet Oscar

La Maison de L’ilet Oscar

Unless you are retired snowbird, you probably can’t get out for the entire winter. But one week away can do wonders for your mood. It’s that gu gel boost necessary to push you through the finish line of the ultramarathon that is winter. Between Christmas and summer many destinations experience a slow down in tourism which means big savings. Norwegian air is hosting a new year sale with flights from JFK starting at $59. BRB, booking trip to Martinique, sale ends January 18.

Lean in

Cross-country ski, knit, sip Irish coffee fireside. Pretty much just hygge the shit out of the next few months.

Christine Hicks