Our shocking trip to Croatia (Part II)

Day two: The day was beautiful when we awoke. Jack ventured out to find us coffees (americanos) and breakfast (air).

Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia


The beach Bacvice was closest to our apartment so that is where we walked. The beach had two areas, one sand one pebbles. The pebbled area was less crowded so that is where we went. The water was chilly and the sand was littered with broken glass. 


After lunch we decided to check out the sandy beach. The water was much warmer but there were cigarette butts littering the sand. Between cigarettes and glass we opted to swim with the ciggys. 


Rick Steves warned us this beach turns into a "meet market for the younger crowds" after dark so we were cautious to get back into our apartment before sunset. Ate some meat and cheese and watched Legally Blonde 2 in Croatian before drifting to bed. 

Day three: By this point in the trip we had loads of laundry to do. The apartment had a little washer in the bathroom so we tried to freshen up most of our clothing. By the fourth or fifth load the machine was making a funny buzzing sound but in the moment that did not seem odd. While I was showering Jack started to do another load. Jack and Ezra got into a disagreement and went upstairs.

I went to take something out of the laundry and felt a weird buzz in my hand. "That's odd," I thought, "must have pinched a nerve or something". Reaching for the laundry again I felt the zap even stronger this time. Yep, I was electrocuted. 

Jack had been too but didn't have the chance to warn me. 

According to Google that's quite common with these machines as they are not grounded. Yikes. 

I bravely put on some rubber flip flops, unplugged the machine, and safely retrieved our clothing. 


We packed up and started our drive to Biograd na Moru. 



Christine Hicks