Croatia Part IV

Saturday! The day was finally here. The wedding we had been planning for months and months.  

We started the day like we start every day, with breakfast. I know I was complaining about the food in the last post but the hotel knew how to do breakfast and they did it big. 

After breakfast we played on the beach a bit and then started getting ready because we had to be on this boat to go buy the bride at 2:30. 

The rest of the day was not not weird. 

Ezra and I barely made the boat, like we were the last guests to get on before it pulled away from the dock (so sorry). The walk from our room to the boat dock was a lot longer than I anticipated and Ezra decided he needed to be carried so I was super sweaty when we got on board (super cute). 

Luckily there were pitchers of wine, plates of prosciutto, and piles of fried something covered in powdered sugar waiting to refresh us. Everyone was given a little lavender to wear which is a tradition I don't remember the explanation of...but it smelled really nice. 

About one hour into the boat ride we started to wonder where the hell they were taking us. 

Soon after these thoughts passed and we arrived at a dock where the bride's family was waiting. The groom, bestman, and the Croatian equivalent of a mariachi band got off the boat to meet the bride's family. There was dancing and singing and general showboating before Charles found Emily and the two danced back onto the boat. Likely Charles also professed his undying love and commitment to Emily but we couldn't hear this part. 


Two more hours and we were at the church (basically). 

The boat pulled up to a dock in Zadar where people were sleeping/sun bathing. The deck crew tossed out some lines and this random girl in a bikini tied us up. Is this just something you are taught to do in Croatian high school? Curious.

IMG_0427 2.jpg

We followed the bride and groom and this Croatian flag-waver (called the Barjaktar) to Church of St Donatus for the wedding ceremony. 

Sveti Donat, Zadar

Sveti Donat, Zadar

Clocking in at 10 minutes flat, the ceremony was the shortest part of the wedding celebration. Probably the groom didn't want to stand under the over-sized mirrored apoksiomen for too long. 


After the ceremony we filed out of the church and cheered some more for the bride and groom. Pictures were taken, ice cream was purchased, Zadar was seen. We re-boarded the boat and headed back to the resort for the wedding reception. 

We're not fading, you're fading.

We're not fading, you're fading.


Around 9 pm we arrived at the reception and found our table. Much more drinking and the start of a five-course meal. Each course was separated by 45 minutes to one hour of dancing. 

By midnight Ezra had fallen asleep in his highchair and we had to call it a night so the rest of this story is hearsay. The main was served at 0200, the cake cut at 0300. The dancing continued until 0400. 

What a day, 10/10 would recommend this wedding to anyone. 

Congratulations Emily & Charles. 








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